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<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" link="#FF0000" alink="#FF0000" vlink="#FF0000"> For all models, the body can be made out of Alder, Ash, Mahogany or Maple. I use American Rockmaple, white European Maple or Mahogany for the necks. Fretboard choices include Ebony, Maple, Indian Rosewood, Jacaranda or Pau Ferro. I also manufacture my own double expandable truss rods. <p> I prefer using and Seymour Duncan pickups, but I can use any type you prefer. The carved heel bolt-on connection makes it real easy to play all the way up to the last fret. Further options you'll have include the number of frets, fret material, inlays, neckshape (thickness and width), electronic configuration, hardware, tremolo or non-trem. All Sign guitars are exclusively custom built by hand. Prices start at DM 3000,- and vary depending on design. There is no extra charge for left handed instruments. <p> Any kind of finish is possible including oil, semi gloss, high gloss Nitro, DD or Polyester. The choice of colors and special effects is unlimited, as well. The standard scale is 64 cm, which is approximately 1 cm shorter than Fender scale. This makes it easier to bend the strings, without taking away string tension. You can also get a 65 cm (25-1/2 inch) or 62.5 cm scale if you wish. <p> The choice of models is unlimited, because I can create any shape you want. There is quite a demand for standard models with minor alterations. I also offer a reverse style heavy metal guitar and my own Tele model. <p> My standard model is the "Nardcaster". I've been manufacturing this guitar exclusiv- ely since 1996. It has been very well review ed by the the German press, and there is a big demand for this guitar among profess- ional guitar players in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. (The bass model is available with my partner Christof-Kost) <p> The Nardcaster has been developed together with pro player Nard Berings (Sc&auml;m Luiz, a.o.) who, because of many years of international touring and recording experience, was able to come up with some very important features. Our goal was to create an instrument that is simple, mature and timeless. <p> The customer has the choice to get the Nardcaster with either a classical bolt-on neck construction or a Mahogany set neck with the "3 left, 3 right" Gibson type headstock. No matter whether you want a pickguard or not, humbuckers or single coils, thinline or carved top plus bindings, the instrument will always be well matched and feel perfectly balanced. She is a real "classic". <p> I have been building, repairing and modifying electric guitars and basses since 1989. Through experience, I've learned that an instrument that comes straight off the music store rack rarely meets all the requirements of an experienced guitarist or bassplayer who is looking for a variety of extra features that you usually don't find on stock instruments.Some of the most desired custom features include special paintjobs and colors, wood choices, pickup combinations and electronics. <p> In addition, there are more details that can keep a very good instrument from being perfect for you. What if the whole guitar is great, but the volume knob is in the wrong spot - so you keep hitting it? Or you find the Gibson scale too short, although you love everything else about the guitar? When you pick up your guitar, you want it to have the right scale, neckshape and size, fretmaterial, placement of pots and switches, bodyshape and, last but not least, weight. The list of things you require could be even longer depending on your style and personal taste. <p> A musician needs a tool that's made to fit from the beginning. If you've had problems finding a suitable off the rack instrument, consider getting yourself a guitar that's custom made just for you. Experience has taught you what features are important for you and your style of playing. For a little more than the cost of a stock instrument, you can have an instrument designed on which even the smallest details will fulfill your wishes and needs. You'll finally have a professional instrument that you can work with on a daily basis, and express your musical ideas with - without having to think about anything else. <p> Work with an experienced craftsman to design your ideal guitar. With a custom guitar, you should feel 100% comfortable with your instrument's bodyshape, measures and sound. The way I achieve this is by working together with you to arrive at the best design, keeping in close communication with you throughout the producti-on process, and sharing ideas about refinements to the design to be made along the way. <p> <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- swfobject.registerObject("FlashID"); //--> </script> </body>